The Difference Between HDDs and SSDs, and Why It Matters To You

The last time you purchased a new iMac, there maybe have only been one kind of hard drive available (Apple SATA Disk Drive). If you look at Apple’s website today you may notice that there are now three options to choose from:

Serial ATA Drive @ 7200RPM
Fusion Drive
SSD/Flash Storage

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How to Search Through Kerio Connect Backup Archives

Kerio Connect is a commercial email/groupware server and MS Exchange alternative that runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. It is a great solution for organizations that require full featured email hosted in house without the licensing costs of MS Exchange.

The built in email backup schedule in Kerio Connect can do full and incremental backups of the server’s entire mail store on a custom schedule. By default, the mailstore backups are stored in a series of 2GB dated zip files. On servers that have large mailstores, this can potentially result hundreds of zips generated by a full backup.

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8 Easy Steps in Implementing Two-Factor Authentication on Synology Diskstation

In an effort to reduce my monthly expenditure and further protect my personal data, I recently canceled my subscriptions with Dropbox and Google Drive. Working in IT has opened up my perspective to new types of hardware and technology with regards to privacy and security. Check out Synology. These guys make some cool hardware. I purchased a Synology DS214 Play for the primary reason to create a private in-house cloud storage system.

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How to Prevent Accidentally Deleting All Your Email from iPhone

The iPhone revolutionized how we access the internet and use our mobile devices. When we are not at our desks and in front of computers, the iPhone has become the primary way we view and manage our email. With the introduction of iOS 9, the latest operating system for the iPhone, Apple has added a new feature to the Mail application which you should be aware of. There is now a “Trash All” button which shares the same location as the normal “Trash” button and as the name implies, has the ability to send an entire folder of email into the trash with one touch. This feature can be helpful in certain situations, but it is also capable of deleting your entire inbox with an accidental mis-tap of the phone.

Lets take a look at this new feature works so we can potentially avoid some email related headaches.

The “Trash” and “Trash All” buttons are located in the edit menu of the Mail application. To access the edit menu, tap the “Edit” button in the the top right hand corner of the Mail Application.


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