Who knows your password?


Head over to to find out! This website shines a spotlight on how the large amount of data breaches are affecting us personally. When you enter your email address the website will look through records on hacked accounts and points out which of them affect you. Being on the list means that the information stored on a hacked site (possibly including the password in use at the time of the hack) should be considered in the public domain.

Looking up your own information makes for a jarring experience: it shows that many of our personal accounts have been compromised, sometimes years ago. And if you are like many technology users who try to “keep it simple” by using the same password on multiple sites you will be shocked to realize that this practice may have possibly exposed additional information to anyone who can now try your (now public) logins on other sites you utilize.

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The Difference Between HDDs and SSDs, and Why It Matters To You

The last time you purchased a new iMac, there maybe have only been one kind of hard drive available (Apple SATA Disk Drive). If you look at Apple’s website today you may notice that there are now three options to choose from:

Serial ATA Drive @ 7200RPM
Fusion Drive
SSD/Flash Storage

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How to Search Through Kerio Connect Backup Archives

Kerio Connect is a commercial email/groupware server and MS Exchange alternative that runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. It is a great solution for organizations that require full featured email hosted in house without the licensing costs of MS Exchange.

The built in email backup schedule in Kerio Connect can do full and incremental backups of the server’s entire mail store on a custom schedule. By default, the mailstore backups are stored in a series of 2GB dated zip files. On servers that have large mailstores, this can potentially result hundreds of zips generated by a full backup.

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