How We Do It

mac-tech approaches IT services with an eye toward preventing problems before they happen. We do this by first understanding your business goals, risk factors, and the state of your current infrastructure.

Our process is simple, transparent, and effective. Here’s how it goes:

We Ask and Listen

Working with mac-tech starts with a discovery of all software, hardware, and network services. With a clear picture of your tech environment, we develop a strategy and an action plan to achieve your technology success.

We Create

We develop a personalized IT environment and support structure based on your unique business needs, capabilities, and opportunities. We accomplish this by drawing on our industry’s rich ecosystem of platforms, apps, and integrations.

You Decide

We work with you to identify a technical contact at your organization, who is authorized to place service requests. Over the years, we’ve found this partnership enormously helpful for streamlining the sign-off procedure, scheduling, and communications.

We Plan

For new projects, mac-tech creates a services outline that details the required steps, cost, and materials. This document helps mac-tech work with you to make decisions about service options, technologies, and equipment.

If the planned project requires coordination with other service providers (and we work with some of the best) we create a complete Project Plan that lets our project engineers manage the interactions, sign-offs, and timeline.

We Document

We make the complicated easy – by providing clear and concise documentation of your systems and technology processes. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

You Call (or email)

We can be reached at 212-689-7911 or email at [email protected]. You may also use our convenient  contact form.

We Answer

Calls, emails, and service ticket requests are fielded by an engineer from our Service Desk team. We plan, coordinate, and work through your problem remotely and in your office, as needed. We can be in contact as often, or as rarely, as you need to keep working and stay updated.

We’re Accountable

During service, all relevant  information is collected in our secure collaboration database, which can be referenced at any time by the mac-tech team. The technician has access to a detailed service history per device and client. Twice a month, you will receive a service history with details on the work that was done and the time it took to do it.