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WFH: Remote Work – What Now? Part 2 of 2

Work from Home in comfortWFH Part 2 – What NOW?

At this point, almost nobody wants to make predictions, let alone place bets on 2021. Yet, we in the IT industry have had front row seats for the great WFH experiment of 2020. We think there are a few things businesses should consider as they look ahead to next year.


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WFH: Where We’ve Been – And What Now? Part 1 of 2

WFH: An Internal Conversation Like most of you, mac-tech didn’t have time to ask “how” we would meet the WFH challenge, we just had to do it. mac-tech went fully remote in less than 5 days. You might imagine that’s it was easy for an IT company, but we like to think it was mostly about our employees, who remained focused on the IT needs of our clients while juggling some of the same challenges themselves


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Work From Home in the Time of COVID-19

mac-tech team on Microsoft Teams

The circumstances of the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak has prompted an unprecedented, major shift in the work experience of the entire globe. For those of us at companies large and small able to do so, the next few weeks will have us working from at home longer term than we would have first imagined and may reshape office work for years to come.

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