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When Will the Chip Shortage End?

And How to Steer Your Business Through It

Port of Long Beach | Kirby Lee via AP

If you run a business—or manage IT for one—you are undoubtedly familiar with the ever-lengthening lead times for critical networking equipment like firewalls, routers, switches, and Wireless Access Points. And yes, you want to know when the shortage will end.

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Instructional: Testing your new web site before going live

website construction illustration

Web Developers are so used to it that don’t even think about it anymore: Testing a web site before launching it to the public requires “tricking” your browser into retrieving a page from a staging or development server instead of your live web server.

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Work From Home in the Time of COVID-19

mac-tech team on Microsoft Teams

The circumstances of the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak has prompted an unprecedented, major shift in the work experience of the entire globe. For those of us at companies large and small able to do so, the next few weeks will have us working from at home longer term than we would have first imagined and may reshape office work for years to come.

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