mac-tech Managed Backup

See below our answers to frequently asked questions about our new backup platform:

Where will our data be stored?

Our backup platform utilizes Wasabi Object Storage. Click here to learn more about the compliance their data centers offer.

How long is the restore window?

We will keep backup data for 3 months.

What data will be included in the back up?

We will be backing up only data contained in your /Users directory. External drives will not be included by default, but can be added manually.

Will the price per computer increase?

No! Our price for endpoint backup stays the same at $12.00 per computer per month, with up to 1TB of storage included.

What about our servers?

For business critical data on file servers we are offering dual destination to two separate and geographically diverse cloud providers: AWS and Wasabi. The pricing model for servers is changing, which will result in cost savings. Storage cost will now be more accurately measured per GB. The price per GB will decrease to $0.88/month. Each server requires a backup license for $20.00 per month.

How can we backup our Cloud Storage, emails, and calendars?

Coming soon! You will be able to include data from Office 365 and Google Workspace in your mac-tech backup.

What happens to our legacy backup data stored in Code42 and mac-tech nearsite?

We will keep your legacy backup data available until 3/31/2022, in case you require a restore.