Keep WFH Working – For Your People and Your Data

It turns out that WFH is a viable model, and necessary, for now, for many businesses and workers. mac-tech IT Consulting Services will talk through your questions and goals to help you develop a better WFH model, a BYOD policy, or perhaps shore up your business continuity plan.

We leverage products across the spectrum of current technologies (not just Macs!) to support your IT needs, helping you envision, implement, and sustain your critical business infrastructure. Get Started

Cloud Services

Our migration specialists are here to help you move your in-house services to the cloud. Or to make your existing cloud services work better. We help you create a secure and user-friendly ecosystem for your workgroup, using tools that fit your company culture and encourage collaboration. mac-tech leverages SSO and provisioning tools to make the multi-cloud easy to access – and a breeze to deploy.
Public Cloud Illustration

Personal Devices

Our clients are taking advantage of secure Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) workflows that accomplish a crucial two-fold objective: ensuring that both company data and personal information are stored and accessed securely, and separately.
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Virtualized Desktop (VDI)

Enter the next generation of tools for post-production, CGI, SFX and beyond. Spin up high performance workstations as your projects require and control them from anywhere using PCoIP. We partner with some of the top cloud providers, including MS Azure and AWS.
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Business Continuity

We’ll help you use technology to build flexible, resilient workflows that support your organization’s mission and people.
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