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We are a worldwide technology management and consulting group headquartered in New York City.

mac-tech is available for on-site and remote support in corporate offices, small businesses, and at home. Our engineers will help you tackle all technology challenges – far beyond the Mac.

Better Companies start with great technology.

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Expert help when you need it


mac-tech is available for on-site and remote support in corporate offices, small businesses, and at home. Our Apple Certified technicians have years of experience in managing Apple systems.


Take your business on the road! We use all available platforms and technologies to bring a seamless mobile computing experience to our clients.


The emergence of cost-efficient and robust public cloud services has put cloud technology within the reach of any company. Our clients utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, among others, to host business applications, E-mail, backup, file storage, and more.

Huge Skills. Great care.

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Specializes in Work flow design and optimization. Emanuel loves discussing technology and coming up with new ideas. Fun-fact: he is also an excellent dog-walker!

Technical Director / Co-Founder

Florian is an experienced UNIX and Windows sysadmin and a founder of mac-tech. Rumor has it that he keeps a copy of Macintosh System 7.1 hidden somewhere in a drawer. He denies this.

Service Team Leader

Although Kristine claims to hate technology, she can be found using obscure Terminal commands to get things done. Always looking for a good veg spot or fly recipe, Kristine takes pleasure in the simple things in life like pottery, indoor gardening, and the beach.

Systems Architect and Team Leader

Need a network designed to perfection with every detail considered? Dean is your guy. Other details you can find Dean pouring over: dope NYC brands, losing local sports teams, and where to take that next vacation.

Lead Support Engineer

Kat has the determination to take on tough challenges to ensure problems get resolved. When she’s not at work, Kat spends most of her time in New Jersey either watching soccer (#ViscaBarca), at the gym, or at home with her cute Sphynx.

Project Engineer

Master of migrations, Nabil knows the best routes. Hails from QNS but now reps BK. See if you can find him on Spotify…

Project Engineer

Alex applies his detailed and methodical mind to get our client’s projects just right. When not in Queens with his cat, you might find Alex in Scotland or New Jersey exploring his heritage.

Senior Engineer

Our Linux Cowboy and Cloud Specialist, in his free time, Rodolfo breaks more than he fixes, never finishes books he starts, and builds drones that don’t last long. He learned how to ride a bike but forgot shortly after.

Support Engineer

Zach’s first job was in IT and has no plans to ever leave the scene. His goal was to live and work in NYC, now he’s living the dream. He keeps the creative side of his brain active by making music and drawing cartoons.


Support Engineer

In his previous roles at non-profits Kurt has used his knowledge in programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python, to build apps/websites. Kurt enjoys watching sports and film just as much as he enjoys working as an engineer, if not more. He stays up to date with the Los Angeles Lakers and critiques classic and new movies of all genres.


Support Engineer

Chris is a highly skilled Support Engineer known as much throughout the team for his kindness as for his motorized skateboarding skills and his self-acknowledge penchant for being accident prone. He’s always willing and able to help when he can.


Ashley enjoys taking the challenge of reading financial data and using reports to organize her findings. Where others usually hop on the subway, Ashley is always eager to walk a crazy distance through the city streets and capture the beauty in front of her eyes around New York City!


If you are an aspiring or seasoned technology superhero in search of the right outlet for your talents, please write us! We are looking for Apple or MCSE certified engineers with as much UNIX background as you can bring! Web publishing, development, and other specialized skills are definitely a plus.

It pays to stay pro-active


We Architect Systems with maximum recoverability in mind


We define comprehensive weekly / monthly / quarterly  Maintenance Schedules


We kick off Systems Monitoring tools for diverse environments


We Recover your organization’s data efficiently and securely

Quick sketch of the mac-tech team chat by Kurt. Art in the era of social distancing. Still life from real life.
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