Technology Support and Consulting

mac-tech is an organization of engineers and consultants with office locations in New York City and Washington, DC. We specialize in Macintosh and OpenSource platforms, Apple Enterprise Solutions and their integration into Microsoft Business networks.

"Our goal is bringing affordable, individualized support to businesses and professionals - with our uncompromising commitment to enterprise-class quality of service."

Our team of highly qualified and motivated technicians can take on a range of roles and responsibilities, reaching from the design, implementation and maintenance of complex IT infrastructure to troubleshooting of individual workstations.

  1. Desktop
    MacTech serves a growing community of professionals by providing best-in-class computer support and help desk - both onsite and remote. Learn more...
  2. Mobility
    Include iOS and Android devices into your organization’s tech strategy. Let us unlock the potential of mobile technology, while keeping your data secure. . Learn more...
  3. Cloud
    Ask our engineers how to take advantage of cloud technologies! We build applications and services that are flexible, scalable and reliable. Learn more...